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of childcare professionals wish that an education funding program for the field already existed.

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Nanny Sitter Education Fund (NSE Fund) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that serves as a public charity to fund childcare professionals with compromised income and give children a brighter future. Being a public foundation, we want to alleviate the economic burden of education for childcare professionals in need. Brought to you by a crew of passionate ambassadors for quality childcare, NSE Fund was born into existence in 2020 to make a real difference for the people responsible for raising the next generation.

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Inspiration for Nanny Sitter Education Fund

Susy’s career as a nanny started 15 years ago when one family gave her the one thing countless nannies never get: opportunity. This family was willing to take her on even though she had zero experience or references. It all boiled down to a good interview, after which Susy immediately started caring for the family’s busy boy and two gorgeous girls, interspersed with some cleaning, organizing, and cooking.

Susy’s employers always treated her with respect. She felt part of the family and still does today. She believes that knowledge is gained through trial, error, and rising from mistakes. Susy worked for the family for 7 years, walking away with a wealth of insights on planning, positive discipline, cooking, pet care, organization, and leading cleaning brands.

But — when the kids started school, and Susy’s work hours were cut short, she panicked. Caught in the middle of a nasty divorce and damaged by years of psychological abuse, Susy obliged to care for her own two small children without financial, emotional, or physical support. She worked as many hours as she could — supporting several other families so she could sustain her own.

Working 10–12 hours a day, 6 days a week, would take its toll on anyone — and Susy was no exception. Just when she was about to lose hope, she got her lucky break. The loyalty she showed to her first family paid off, with them recommending her to a high-profile client with three pre-teens. Her wage was higher and her role more prestigious, which enabled her to grow from nanny to personal assistant to a prominent doctor in the local community. The nature of the job called for Susy to take her first child development and Resources for Infant Educarers® (RIE) classes.

That’s when it hit her — while she enjoyed the perks and privileges that came with being a personal assistant, not to mention the chance to meet famous artists and athletes, Susy’s original passion was left to starve. Childcare. She knew she had to feed her true calling again, but — how? Her own children were out of the house and independent, and her current family’s teens were growing up quickly.

So, Susy took the plunge and asked her employer if she could cut back on her hours to take on more classes. Luckily for Susy, they were extremely understanding — even encouraging.

So, Susy tweaked her budget to cover the essentials, giving her a chance (and funds) to support her dreams and stock up on courses, books, and workshops. With her newfound knowledge and self-esteem, Susy found the courage to leave her job and accept a new offer. Susy’s “Unicorn Family” gave her hope; with kindness, she didn’t know existed. With such strong support, she achieved her dream of becoming a Postpartum Doula and Newborn Care Specialist.

Today, four years later, Susy is living proof of the importance of education AND self-belief. By being bold enough to ask for what she wanted, and go out and get it, she changed her own life — and now, she hopes to help others do the same.

“Don’t wait. Go out there, leave fear behind, and live a life and legacy you can be proud of.”

— Susy Caracas, CXO of NSE Fund

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